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The best ideas are always simple.

Home, office or on-the-go Dotz® offers a complete assortment of cord and cable management products that are simple, intuitive and most of all fun. Each item was developed to tackle the unavoidable mess of cords and cables that tangle, get confused, misplaced and mixed up. Dotz products make it easy to be a 'master of your cord domain'. Our products identify, shorten, secure, conceal or bundle cords and cables to finally "end cord chaos forever!"

Dotz®, under the leadership of Micah Maraia, invented and started development on the new cord and cable management line starting in 2005. In 2008 the brand was launched to bring the line to the national and international marketplace.

Micah Maraia

Micah Maraia has had the entrepreneurial spirit and passion for creation since he was a child. After working in both the corporate and consultant settings, successfully designing and launching client’s products from housewares to super computers, Micah felt the time had come to pursue his own dreams. Inspired by an impenetrable entanglement of cords in his studio,he envisioned a simple, intuitive system to bring order to the chaos and the Dotz® product line was born.

The excitement people continue to express for Dotz® products along with the continued need for innovation in this area feeds Micah’s passion to continue to expand the Dotz® line. Look out for more great things to come!

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